Why do California Contractors need a Bond?


construction bond

A contractor bond is a contract in which a surety company promises that the contractor listed on the contractor’s license bond they have issued will not commit any violation of contractor license law within the state that they are licensed. California requires that all contractors have a $15,000┬ábond. So besides the fact that it’s the law, here are the reasons why every contractor needs a contractor bond.

License Suspension

The California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) keeps tabs on contractors that have bonds and those that don’t. If you cancel your bond, the surety company with which you had the bond must send a cancellation notice to the CSLB. If a bond reinstatement notice is not received by the CSLB or a replacement bond is not received by the CSLB within 30 days from when they receive the cancellation notice, your contractor’s license will be suspended.

In California, it is usually illegal for an unlicensed individual to perform contracting work on any project valued at $500 or more in labor and materials. Without a license, you are very unlikely to get hired, and if you are hired, if you are caught working without a license you can face serious charges from the CSLB.

A Sound Surety Company

If you are a contractor you probably already know that construction projects don’t always work out as planned – even when everything seems to go accordingly. Whether because of human blunder, broken materials, or climate related, claims against a surety organization might be recorded by any persons harmed by stiff-necked and planned infringement of a development contract. So regardless of the possibility that you’re not by and by at issue, or it was not thought, despite everything somebody may document a case against your organization. In the occasion this happens, the surety organization with which you hold your permit bond will pay out the case.

Since a contractor bond is not insurance, on account of a mischance claim payout you should reimburse the surety organization any sum paid for your sake. Experienced surety organizations will work to secure you against off base, pointless, or deceitful cases, so thus it’s imperative to locate the most dependable and experienced surety organization for your contractor bond. The more experience they have battling claims the to a lesser degree a chance you will need to pay out a case one day and the more your organization is secured. As always, be sure to shop with multiple companies for the best bond pricing.

More Business

California contractors usually are required by law to disclose to homeowners whether or not they have a contractor’s license bond. If you don’t have a bond, homeowners, and other clients are more likely to choose another contractor.

Seven Steps to Help Choose the Best SEO Company

search engine optimization tipsWith many SEO companies operating in the United States, making the best choice can be hard especially when you lack information on how to select the best. However, with these tips, you will definitely know what to look for when hiring one. Here are seven steps to help you choose the best SEO company:

1. Get Referrals

When you need a good SEO company, you should do your research over The Internet by browsing in the phone books of these SEO companies before hiring one. It is important to ask your friends, family members and even co-workers to recommend you a company. You will be certain that you would hire a good company.

2. Follow the Rule of Threes

Never hire the first company that you would receive. Instead, you need to ask at least three different companies before you make a decision on the best one. You will be certain that you would get the best deals when choosing these options in the market.

3. Watch Out for any Red Flags

It is important that you note any red flags of their SEO services. For instance, most reputable SEO companies never for cash deposit when providing you these services. You should ensure that know how the company conducts themselves before hiring them. A professional company will always own their equipment when providing these SEO services.

seo photo4. Make Sure the Mover Is both Licensed and Insured

You must ensure that the company that you hire is both licensed and insured when you need the best services. By checking the database of FMCSA, you will be able to verify whether you need to hire is certified or not. This would guarantee you excellent services after you hire the best company.

5. Check with the Better Business Bureau

Research the track record of the SEO company with the BBB that offers online services free. Only hire those SEO companies with BBB accreditation and have good customer ratings.

6. Ask About their Professional Accreditation

Trade associations often vet companies prior to getting an approved seal or a membership. You should ensure that you choose the companies that would offer you excellent SEO services.

7. Verify the Address

It is important that you verify the address before you can be able to hire a company. You should do it by visiting their website. You should ensure the address of an SEO company is registered and listed under the name of the company. You will hire the best company when you follow this simple process.

In conclusion, the above the seven things to look for when hiring an SEO company.